White wind turbines on grey sand near body of water

Power your home with a renewable energy provider

Do you know how the electricity that powers your home is generated? Does it come from burning fossil fuels like coal? Or is it from renewable energy sources like wind power? Most likely it's a mix of both.

The greater the proportion of fossil fuels in the mix that powers your home, the greater the contribution to your personal carbon footprint.

Many home energy providers offer a different package to the default that allow a much greater share of this mix to be sourced from renewables. Some offer 100% renewable energy. If your current energy provider does not offer renewable power as an option, in most regions you can now find one that doe

If you own your home, switch to one of these packages to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are renting, ask your landlord if they would consider switching on your behalf.

Switching from all fossil fuels to all renewables can reduce the portion of your carbon footprint from powering your home by up to 50%.