Offsetter community impact

Our community has offset

730tonnes of carbon

What is 730 tonnes of carbon?


It's the carbon removed by growing 507 football pitches of forests for one year


It's equivalent to driving a car 2,952,551 kilometres per year


It's the carbon emitted from charging your phone 88,799,132 times


It's equivalent to the energy used by 87.9 homes for one year


It's the carbon reduced by taking 159 cars off the road for one year

27.7Klight bulbs

It's equivalent to switching 27,668 incandescent bulbs to LEDs

How are these calculated?

Our global community

World map of the Offsetter global community locations

We currently have Offsetters in 8 countries around the world.

It's still early days for the Offsetter community. As our community grows, our impact will become bigger and bigger.