Family sitting on rock near seashore

Holiday closer to home

When planning your next holiday, consider visiting somewhere closer to home. Staying on the ground to get to your destination can hugely reduce your carbon footprint. Why?

The number of flights you take is by far the single biggest contributor to your carbon footprint. Reducing the number of flights you take, or replacing long haul flights with shorter ones, can result in huge reductions in your contribution to climate change.

Let's take the very popular London Heathrow to New York JFK route as an example. On this route, the carbon footprint of a single passenger flying one way in economy/coach is 2.8 tonnes of CO2. That's greater than the average footprint per person for the entire year of many countries around the world, including Brazil. With a return journey, this amount is (more or less) doubled.

Try to avoid flights and go with the car, by boat, or by train for your future holidays.