Seasoned chicken breast on a grill with tomatoes

Eat chicken instead of beef

Eating less meat (or removing it from your diet entirely) can greatly reduce the part of your carbon footprint that comes from your diet. You don't need to become vegetarian to start having an impact, however. Simply replacing beef with chicken or pork can reduce the emissions from your diet by up to a quarter.

Beef has a much higher carbon footprint than chicken or pork primarily for two reasons:

  • Cows need much more land to graze than chicken or pork.
  • Cows burp out methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Chicken and pigs don't emit methane.

If you can't live without your juicy beef burger, vegetarian meat alternatives like Beyond Meat get closer to the real thing than you might think.

Check out this video for more, or take a look at the graph below: