Man walking near body of water

Ditch your car

Owning your own car is taken for granted in most parts of the world, but always getting around by car can make a big contributon to your personal carbon footprint. Each kilometre driven in a petrol or diesel fuelled car emits 150 grams of CO2, and for hybrids this amount is 56 grams per kilometre. If you own an electric vehicle, the amount is zero grams, but as with petrol or diesel cars, the production of the vehicle itself also has a carbon footprint.

For your own carbon footprint, the best option is not to own a car at all. If your situation and location allows it, getting around via public transport or simply by bicycle or walking has the biggest impact.

For those times when you need the convenience of a car, car sharing options are available in many countries. Examples include GoGet in Australia, GreenWheels in the Netherlands, GoCar in Ireland, or Turo in the US.

Another alternative available in some cities are on-demand electric scooters are starting to gain popularity, provided by companies such as Felyx, Lime and Dott.